Contagious Political Concerns: How Unemployment Information Passed between Weak Ties Influences Danish Voters
With James Alt, Horacio Larreguy, David Lassen, and John Marshall, May 2019.

Middle Class without a Net: Savings, Financial Fragility and Preferences over Social Insurance
With Jacob Hariri and David Lassen, April 2019, Accepted for publication at Comparative Political Studies.
Online Appendix.

City Limits to Partisan Polarization in the American Public
With William Marble, Kenneth Scheve, and Matthew Slaughter, March 2019.
Media: CityLab

Economic Decline, Social Identity, and Authoritarian Values in the United States
With Cameron Ballard-Rosa and Kenneth Scheve, March 2019.

Do People Respond to the Mortgage Interest Deduction? Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Denmark
With Jonathan Gruber and Henrik Kleven, November 2018, Revise and resubmit at American Economic Journal: Economic Policy.
Media: The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal.

Loaded but Lonely: Housing and Saving Responses to Spousal Death in Old Age
May 2018.